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  • What is SGA Scanner?

    SGA Scanner is a real-time blockchain monitoring tool that scans for emerging opportunities and potential risks in the cryptocurrency market. It provides alerts for traders to make informed decisions

  • How does SGA Scanner work?

    SGA Scanner uses proprietary algorithms to analyze blockchain transactions and market data, providing insights into token trends, price movements, and potential trading signals.

  • What kind of alerts does SGA Scanner provide?

    SGA Scanner offers a variety of alerts including new token listings, unusual trading volume changes, price spikes, and wallet movements, among others.

  • Is SGA Scanner suitable for beginners?

    Yes, SGA Scanner is designed to be user-friendly and is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. It simplifies the process of monitoring complex blockchain data.

  • How can I receive SGA Scanner alerts?

    Alerts are delivered directly through our official Telegram channel. Make sure to follow @sgascanner to receive updates.


  • Can SGA Scanner protect me from scams?

    While SGA Scanner includes honeypot detection and other safety measures, it's important to conduct your own research before trading. SGA Scanner is a powerful tool, but it's not a substitute for due diligence.


  • Does SGA Scanner offer investment advice?

    No, SGA Scanner provides information for educational purposes only. It does not offer investment advice. Users should use the information to inform their trading decisions and trade responsibly.




  • Is there a cost to use SGA Scanner?

    SGA Scanner offers different subscription plans, including a free trial. Visit our subscription page for detailed information on pricing and features.


  • Is there a cost to use SGA Scanner?

    To start using SGA Scanner, simply join our Telegram channel for free alerts and consider subscribing for additional features and comprehensive monitoring.


  • Can I set up personalized alerts?

    Yes, subscribers have the ability to customize alerts based on specific tokens, trading volumes, or other criteria relevant to their trading strategies. Contact us to facilitate this option.