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 Ready to level up your crypto trading game with the latest alerts from @sgascanner? Here’s a simple guide to make the most out of your next trade! Follow these steps to enhance your trading strategy and potentially boost your profits:

Chart Preparation on Dextools:

Bollinger Bands: Add this to your chart with default settings. Feel free to customize the color to white or any color that suits your visual preference.

Exponential Moving Average (EMA): Adjust the settings to a length of 200 and choose a yellow color (or any color of your choice) for better visibility.

Candlesticks: Switch to Heikin Ashi candles for a clearer view of market trends.
Buying Strategy:
For optimal entry points, aim to buy when the Heikin Ashi candle is below the 200 EMA. However, opportunities still arise when the candle is slightly above the 200 EMA (up to about 5%)—this can still result in favorable entries, but remember, no wins are guaranteed. Always observe chart patterns and understand crypto cycles to determine the best times to hold or swing trade.
Buying Tokens:
You can easily copy the token address from DEXTools or the @sgascanner Telegram channel and paste it into a trading bot or buy directly using DEX using Trust, Solfare, or other wallets.
Profit Targets:
For Ethereum (ETH) trades, the aim is to make profits starting from 100
Aim for 150% to 300% profits on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Solana (SOL) trades.
Trading Execution:
Utilize a trusted Telegram trading bot, like Maestro, to purchase tokens and automatically set sell limits for a hands-off trading experience.
📈 Whether you’re new to crypto trading or looking to sharpen your skills, these steps can help you navigate the market with confidence. Remember, the key to successful trading lies in continuous learning and adapting to market dynamics.
🔔 Stay tuned to @sgascanner for more updates, alerts, and tips to keep you ahead in the crypto game. Please explore our website for more in-depth guides and insights. Your journey to smarter trading starts here!

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How to spot a Perfect Entry!Perfect Alert! Looks like $GMR provided an excellent opportunity! When you receive alerts like these from SGA Scanner, it’s the perfect time to apply your trading strategy effectively. Remember, the key steps are to analyze the trend, confirm with your indicators, and then execute your trades with predefined take-profit levels.

For $GMR, the jump in market cap and trading volume, combined with the price action staying BELOW the 200 EMA, would have indicated a perfect entry. Traders look for such entries when entering a position and setting a take-profit target that aligns with their risk-to-reward ratio.
For future trades, setting automated take-profit levels with a trading bot could help capture gains at the optimal moment. Keep an eye on @sgascanner for more alerts, and may your trades be just as successful! 🚀
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